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Possible Application

PostPosted: Thu Feb 04, 2016 1:00 am
by Azuldreams
Hello and thanks for the swift activation of this forum account! It's nice to see that a guild on AoC actually pays attention to their website!

I mainly wanted to know if your guild was still active (aside from seeing the occasional Unforgiveable tag at a notorious WB event), as I haven't seen any bumps in your recruiting thread on AoC's guildhall forums. I also wanted to know what type of content you guys do in the game.

About myself:
I am a female, in my mid 20's. I play at random hours (I mean REALLY random), and sometimes take micro breaks of 1-2 weeks from game. I've been playing AoC off and on since 2010 and primarily play a PoM. I am fairly okay on a ToS as well as a sin. I am also attempting to learn how to play a bear shaman.. My main areas of enjoyment are sixies (both old and new, though I need to learn a lot of new world instances), solo play, and the occasional raid (The last raid I went to was a pug Req Nex t3.5 that I REALLY enjoyed).

My main toon, a PoM, is currently guildless because the guild it was in only does yag and golem raids (I'm serious) and after a full 1.5 months of no one logging in I decided that it was time for me to move on... not to mention that in the 6 months I was in the guild I only went to Palace one time. The rest of my toons are in a storage guild of mine and a friend that I/we have been building up in my (I'm the architect) spare time, and no, we aren't recruiting. Gear wise, my PoM is in a mixture of khitai purple, t3.5 and I only have 1 piece of t3 gear (shoulders) left. Most of my gear is the result of me doing solo content till I wanted to rip my spleen out.

Mainly, what I want in a guild is one that actually CHATS and offers a chance at content that varies now and then. I mean I love golem raids and such but there needs to be more to life than living in NG at the quarry. And someplace I can relax and have fun at with minimal drama.

If you all feel I would be a decent fit here then let's start the process of my putting a toon or two in? As I said, the rest of my toons are in a storage guild that I like to work on in my spare time.

Re: Possible Application

PostPosted: Thu Feb 04, 2016 9:59 am
by Drinn
Hi Azuldreams,

You would be a good fit here. We do chat a lot, we have a family atmosphere and we raid T2/3/4 and 5 when we can. Unfortunately you've applied a bit too late for us to be any good to you. We decided to fold the guild last week and move en-mass to Awakening of Evo.

Our numbers have been dropping, mainly due to real life taking up more of our members time and we were finding it more and more difficult to put a guild raid together. We could still fill empty slots for T4 raids with pugs, but we needed to work on T5 and that requires a guild raid (yak was down, Vistrix was next). Suddenly we seemed to be going backwards. As a result of our dropping numbers, our diluted raid group and being stuck clearing T4, we lost 7 top class players to Tainted Souls and couldn't really recover from it. They were all long term members and we did discuss their move beforehand so there wasn't any drama.

This dropped our raiding numbers to around half a raid at best. This is fine for pugging T4 but it's not enough. We need guild raids. After three alliances and two mergers I think it's time to move on and put this guild to sleep. The remaining members of Unforgivable will remain together in AoC, but within a larger group of friends when we shift to AoE.

I am actually due to move to AoE today then I'll announce that this guild is dead although it will remain available as a guild for resource farmers and our long term afk, but it will be inactive. Your best bet would be to apply to AoE as we have done. I think you'd be a good fit.

Give me a shout in game if you like on Drinn, Prinn, Septra, or Krinn. I've extended your rights on this forum so you'll have access to the member areas too.


Re: Possible Application

PostPosted: Fri Feb 05, 2016 4:34 am
by Azuldreams
Ahhh that sucks to hear :(

I'll look into Awakening of Evo and add you to my friendslist on my main when I get on next, probably this weekend. I'm working weird shifts this week due to someone quitting and when I get home I have maybe 1-2 hours of energy for AoC before I pass out. It doesnt help that around THIS time of day that bosses take forever to kill and healers don't seem to want to heal the tanks tanking or unstone people with SFF so I end up running all over the place.

I'm still interested in membership, even with AoE, it'll be nice to do the occasional raid without 13 wipes and ppl ragequitting