******READ!***Guild Rules***READ!******

Whether it's Conan, TSW or GW2 you're interested in, apply to join here.

******READ!***Guild Rules***READ!******

Postby Drinn » Mon Jan 04, 2010 8:16 pm

Guild Rules:

1. AGE - You must be 18+.

2. TAX - NONE.

3. BEHAVIOUR - We do not tolerate any kind of insulting behaviour regardless of the reason. Guild members are expected to conduct themselves in a mature manner and avoid using foul language. Some members have known each other for a while and comments can be quite close to the bone at times but still be taken in good humour. These members must consider other members who are online who may see it as abuse and avoid using such jibes where they may be perceived as abusive. Complaints can be made to an officer or the guild leader. Also you must conduct yourself in a reasonable manner when participating in ad-hoc and pug events. You have an Unforgivable tag above your head - treat it with respect!

4. DEFAMATION - Articles with radical slur, vulgar or other detrimental statements are not allowed. Do NOT post nudity or sexual content in any graphics. All links or documentation for cheating and hacks will be not tolerated and shall be removed. Do NOT post links that may be inappropriate.

5. GOLD SELLING - We do not tolerate power leveling for cash or to be bought as a service. Gold farming and gold selling for real money is a crime. If we find out that any of our members are gold selling or buying gold, they will be kicked out and reported.

6. LANGUAGE- Members must use understandable English as this is the guild language.

7. PLAYER ACTIVITY - Members that have been inactive for 6 months, will be removed from the guild, unless other agreements have been made with guild leader.

8. FORUM - Members must register on our forum.

9. ALTS - All alts must be in Unforgivable or in one of our farming city guilds within 2 weeks of joining us. Anyone found using an alt planted in Unforgivable to recruit for their 'main' guild will kicked and banned. Anyone found using us as an 'alt' guild will be kicked. Exceptions may be given depending on the circumstance and as long as it's been discussed with the guild leader.

10. COMMS - Players must be able to use Teamspeak if they plan to raid with us or run Hard Mode instances.

11. RAIDS - Members participating in a guild raid must be available and ready at the instance at the starting time (ideally at invite time). If you think you'll be slightly late just note it on your sign up post and we'll try to keep a place for you. Do not run an ad-hoc raid as an Unforgivable raid without permission from the GL or a senior (rank 5) officer. Otherwise feel free to set up or join pug raids. You MUST keep your RR declared mains unbound and ready for use in RR raids. See RR rules for more details.

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