Patch 1.07 Expansion Teaser Event – „The Silver Atrium“

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Patch 1.07 Expansion Teaser Event – „The Silver Atrium“

Postby Yite » Tue Mar 30, 2010 1:41 pm

Experience “The Silver Atrium” – a new in-game event that challenges you with new quests found in Stygia and Aquilonia. Meet and battle mysterious spies, assassins and other shady characters from the far-east to get great new rewards.


There is no organization better suited for smuggling and spying than the infamous Shadow Brotherhood. They have their agents scattered all across Aquilonia, Stygian and Cimmeria. Recent rumor has it that the Brotherhood plans to expand their activities and power into the far empire of Khitai. This in return has sparked the attention of two groups in the far east – the Brittle Blade and the Shadows of Jade – and both have started own efforts to use the Brotherhood for their plans and ideas. It is even said that god-emperor Yah-Chieng himself has sent a small squad of his feared Dark Legion to spy on King Conan and the current situation of Aquilonia.
Occasions like these usually provide a golden opportunity to any man or woman who knows how to either wield blade or magic. The only problem might be to find the fabled hidden headquarter of the Shadow Brotherhood – the Silver Atrium. Only there will it be possible to contact the agents from Khitai and in return gain their trust by helping them in their twisted schemes to gain influence in the kingdoms of the west.


There are two new solo quests and an additional group quest for players to tackle in this brand new in-game event which serves as a teaser for the upcoming expansion “Rise of the Godslayer”. Find out what the different factions are looking for and decide which side you want to earn trust from. But be prepared to meet heavy resistance as neither of the two involved factions nor the Dark Legion of god-emperor Yah-Chieng himself take any interference in their schemes lightly.

You will of course be rewarded for your assistance in these matters. With great new armor items in the shape of new helmets to be acquired, you could be among the first to own these examples of Khitan craftsmanship. You might even come to find yourself in possession of an exotic female companion from these foreign shores.


This in-game event will only be available for a limited amount of time! To start you need to /claim a special item which is available with Update 1.07! So make sure you don’t miss the secrets of “The Silver Atrium”.
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